Diets follow trends as much as fashion does, and it is pretty tough to keep up with them all. We all know that one person who flits from fad to fad in their attempt to lose weight. Unfortunately, this kind of yo-yo dieting ends up doing long-term damage to your body, and you end up not really getting anywhere, maybe even getting heavier and heavier. “Dieting” is not sustainable.

What we should aim for is finding a healthy lifestyle, and maintaining it. We are looking to lose weight for the long-term, to be healthy for the long term, so we need to find something we can commit to, and live it properly – kind of like settling down with a significant other, or committing to a long term investment.

I knew a man somewhere I worked who cancelled his gym membership because he was fit enough. Wouldn’t that be nice: exercise for a set period of time, get Fit, and once you’ve got Fit, you can take it home with you and never have to exercise again? Unless you enjoy exercise; quick tip, find something you love that gets you moving, and  you won’t even realise that it is exercise anyway.

Healthy eating is a conscious decision that should influence your life forever, but not every type of healthy eating plan works for every person, from a physiological perspective, and from a personal preference perspective.

I feel that as natural as possible is a great way to achieve optimal health, but I acknowledge that it is often expensive and time-consuming and difficult to try and adopt certain lifestyles. Here are some options that I have unpacked with some basic how-to information, some pros and cons, and some random information about each one. I want it to be simple and accessible, and help you to choose which, is any, of these lifestyle changes you could incorporate into your own life, for health, well-being and longevity.

  • Banting/LCHF
  • Blood Types
  • Herbalife
  • Paleo
  • Raw
  • Vegetarian/Vegan



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