First Year Spread was a big deal for me in my first year at University, and it really was for lack of trying. I had a ton of Easter Eggs (in season), and loads of Ouma rusks (also in season I guess…). I just snacked all the time, and it really caught up with me, especially because I wasn’t doing nearly as much exercise as I did during school. When I decided it was time to stop moving in the upward direction on the scale, I started having to learn about food. The most interesting thing about this was learning that so-called “health” f00ds are actually not as healthy as they claim.

My biggest realisation was that healthy is not as much about what you eat so much as it is about eating in moderation. 

I have since learnt all about calories, quality of food, dangers of the wrong nutrition, the misconception of underrating, different types of exercise, how to do those different types of exercises properly (and to achieve different goals), and loads of other stuff that changed my idea of what was healthy. Think: not just salad. Also think exercise, even just the bare minimum.

The food section of my blog will share some very basic meal plans, some cool recipes, and food-related information from the health world. I am not one to spend loads of money on so-called health products: when we were hunter-gathering, we could get all that we needed for free. I am trying to live on a budget and I don’t believe that being healthy should cost a fortune, though I do acknowledge that some things are worth investing in. Like your health, for example. In the long run, eating healthy now (and making sure it’s stuff worth eating) will save you medical bills, and most likely make your life more fulfilling (think: enough energy to do exciting things like play garden sports with your kids or go on epic mountain biking adventures).

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