Bliss Juicery 3-Day Cleanse

Day 1

8am Yes! I can do this! I just need to stick to my eating window, drink lots of water, this is going to be a breeze!

9am Ok, I feel like eating now… It’s just juice, does it really count as food? Yes, it kinda does because it is calories. Let’s just try stick to the eating window as much as possible

10am I’m done, that vanilla almond milk is just too tempting. Let’s drink!

10:30am That almond milk was amazing, totally worth it! I wish there was more…

11:30am I’m hungry now… Let’s try drink juice number 2 nice and slowly. After all, it’s a green one and it has broccoli, I should be able to pace myself, right? Nevermind…

12am I shouldn’t eat so close to yoga… But drinking is fine right?

1:30pm (halfway through yoga) Man, I need to pee!

2pm Pure relief! And another juice! So pineapple-y and tasty! I love it!

3:30pm I should wait to have my dinner juice at around 5, then evening snack when I get home from work at 7

4pm *Drinks dinner*

7pm Cacao almond milk… I will have dreams about how good you tasted tonight…

Verdict: Not as hungry as last 1-day cleanse, not as emotional by the end of the day (probably because of the extra sugar and the additional almond milks which really start and end the day with bliss), and motivated for day number 2!

Notes: BF’s dinner looks and smells incredible… I’m craving brown rice. Or avo on low Gi bread… Or nuts… Not feeling hungry per se, but definitely feel like eating…

Day 2

5am Just don’t think about it, just keep busy, “breakfast will come”

6:15am Time to give a spinning class! Let’s see how this goes on no food…

7am Best spinning class ever! I’m so pumped to keep training!

7:45am (15 minutes into 45 minute Nike+ Training Club workout) Ok, I’m over this, this is tiring, I just want to shower and have that yummy almond milk… *checks abs in the mirror – finds motivation* Nevermind, let’s keep rocking this! Abs are screaming to get through all those layers, let’s keep it up!

8:30am Is it too early to have my first milk…? I’m hungry now, so hungry!

9am Ok, 9am is a good time, it’s been 14 hours since my last “meal”, that’s a totally fine eating window. Let’s just try make the deliciousness last as long as possible. *downs it* Whoops… Still, so beautifully creamy and tasty!

10am I really should wait another hour until the next drink… But I really don’t want to… I am going to eat this table in the sleep I’m about to be subjected to if I don’t drink one now. Who would have thought broccoli and courgettes could taste so incredible?! Hopefully that keeps me satisfied…

11am I can’t do this. I’m starving… My tummy isn’t grumbling, but I feel empty and craving everything! I need to drink my next one… It’s beetroot, and it tastes even better than it did yesterday. Maybe I can drink all my juices today, and start on tomorrow’s juices when I get home tonight, I wonder if that will make a difference?

12pm Toilet says yes to the above statement… You’ve got work to do, you really need to slow down on all this liquid!

1:30pm That’s much better juice spacing. And it’s time for the tasty tropical one too. The tears I was just in, the absolute state I was in, have now passed. Yay for “food”. On the plus side, I made it 12 extra hours into the cleanse without crying compared to last time. It was only a matter of time.

4pm I think my body is now used to this idea of absence of food, and has accepted that it is still getting the vitamins and minerals that it needs to function, even if it’s lacking in the fibre and protein. Time to settle in to my second green for the day.

7pm Time for cacao almond milk, and it’s even more tasty and satisfying than yesterday! One the one hand, I can’t believe I have a whole extra day of this to go through, and on the other hand, yay I still have 2 more almond milks awaiting my enjoyment!

8pm *Driving* This seems kinda dangerous… I feel like it’s 2am… Just keep your eyes open, you’ll be fine

9:30pm *Falls asleep on the couch after being there for 15 minutes*


Day 3

Finally the last day!

7:30am I just can’t wait… First milk down the hatch!

9:30am Wow, I made it this long without needing second juice? Yay me. Time to celebrate with some green!

11:30am Keep pushing the 2 hour window… You can do this!

2pm Post-yoga yellow sweetness. I will miss you when this is over. Though you are probably the reason I will need fillings soon: so much sugar!

4:30pm Last juicy juice, you’re yummy but I won’t miss you

6:30pm Cacao goodness makes a delicious and sweet farewell to this expedition. You are the reason I would come back to this madness, though I know I can buy you outside of the cleanse as well, thankfully!

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