Get Lean Project Day 12

Finally I got to eat today! I was so excited that I forgot my lunch in the fridge at home anyway… How typical! I wasn’t really hungry in the morning though, it was confusing… I did a weigh in to see if there had been a change at all from the juice cleanse and it turns out I had lost 1.9kg! Granted, over 2kg of that was allegedly “muscle mass”. Apparently the scale can’t math, but I reckon the overall weight is at least somewhat accurate. It was a fun experiment and the result was encouraging, but I have to remember: it’s not about the numbers on the scale!

Food (I didn’t quite ease myself out of the cleanse like I was supposed to…)

  • Atkins Advantage Bar, Chocolate Brownie flavour
  • Sweet potato, beetroot and pumpkin vegetable chips
  • A few pieces of roast chicken
  • 9Bar Hazelnut Cocoa Kick
  • Chicken sausages
  • Cauliflower pizza crust with salami, roast chicken  topping


  • 90 minutes moderate-high intensity yoga

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