Get Lean Project Day 9

So that food shortage I was talking about yesterday… I started a juice cleanse today! Details of said juice cleanse will follow in the coming days.

Today is day 1 of my 3-day cleanse from Bliss Juicery. It was a pretty spontaneous decision that I definitely didn’t give enough thought to, but once I had committed, it made sense to go forward with it. My program expected me to do a 60 minute run, but I really just didn’t have the motivation for that at all! So I stuck to the cleanse guidelines and kept it light. Overall, day 1 of this cleanse went well. Better than my last 1-day cleanse, which had me in tears…

Food (Juice)

  • Vanilla almond milk
  • Green juice (broccoli, spinach, apple, etc.)
  • Beetroot juice (beets, pear, etc.)
  • Tropical juice (coconut and pineapple, etc.)
  • Green juice (less vegetables than Juice #2)
  • Cocoa almond milk


  • 60 minutes light yoga

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