Get Lean Project Day 5

Sooooo hungry today… It’s mostly mental though, and also the increase in cardio is setting my metabolism burning slightly hotter. Which is a good thing, except it’s so hard not to provide that extra calorie input: I need to make sure I stay at a solid deficit! I was also quite lazy today with my exercise… Didn’t follow my program at all, and I really could have done with that 35 minute run, but I just couldn’t find the time for that, specifically… And I forgot my sweat towel at home, and you can’t train if you don’t have every single item required, right…?

  • Coco loco Nakd bar
  • Banana
  • Plain yoghurt with muesli topping with banana and pineapple and orange slices
  • Kauai Moroccan wrap on a low carb wrap (flavour is incredible)… Pure heaven, I tell you! 
  • Futurelife nutrition drink
  • Jungle Oats Peanut Butter Bar
  • Woolworths Almond, Cocoa, Coconut and Date bar – I saw it and couldn’t wait to try it. Friday really is my day of least resolve, I had zero self control!
  • Pesto-cream chicken breasts with peas
  • Slice of Woolworths Milk Tart. That’s just what happens when someone tells you it’s ok to have a cheat day


  • 90 minutes moderate-high intensity yoga 

4 thoughts on “Get Lean Project Day 5

      • I hate doing it, but sometimes I also use the clean cleaning towels… They’re rough and I’m afraid of having an allergic reaction to any residual cleaning product on them (can you tell I don’t exactly have faith in their washing routine?) but it’s better than nothing. It’s tough to get past that “I don’t have everything, therefore I can’t exercise” mindset but so worth it! πŸ™‚


  1. I have a brand towel, that was donated… It is guaranteed to work at least once before falling apart… You are welcome to take it… πŸ˜‰


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