Get Lean! Attempt #1

I have 4 weeks to attempt to “get lean”. I’m trying a pretty straightforward approach, trying to be as healthy and happy as possible along the way (lest I hate my life so much that I eat all of the chocolates and biscuits that I can buy on a month’s salary – who needs “real food” anyway?). Let’s see how this goes!


  • Nike+ Training Club 4 week “Get Lean” exercise program – includes high intensity interval (HIIT) sessions, core, yoga, and plenty of running
  • 2-3 Spinning classes per week (cardio!)
    • Long endurance cycles once a week as well – I do have a cycle race I am meant to be preparing for!
  • 2-4 Yoga sessions per week
  • ±2 Sessions of Calisthenics training (still have to get that muscle up sometime soon!)


  • Low “carb” – avoiding added sugar and artificial sweeteners, breads, pasta, wheat products in general
    • I will include this low GI seed loaf every now and then because it is a great source of fibre and other beneficial nutrients
    • Moderate fruit intake – no more than 3 servings of fruit (most likely in the form of smoothies or fresh cold-pressed juices)
  • High protein – chicken, beef, fish, nuts, lots of cottage cheese, and Greek yoghurt in my smoothies
  • (Un)moderated fat intake – as much nuts, avos, eggs, coconut milk, nut butters, etc. that I feel like
  • Avoid chocolate and sweets and snacks as much as possible

7 Hours of sleep per night (unlikely)

3 litres of water a day (bare minimum, including water drunk in exercise)

I’ll post a before picture once I have made progress towards my after picture.

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