The Engine Room – Tiyr Flips

Why do we train? We each have our own individual goals, but ultimately the goal is to make life better, right? Get fit to cycle faster (be better at doing something you love), walk more and improve energy levels to be able to play with your kids, or just lose some weight so you feel good in your clothes and have improved confidence in yourself. Our goalposts are all different, but we are all seeking the same thing.

Functional fitness is an easy and effective way to get fit and healthy, regardless of your goals. Want to be able to walk up stairs when the lift is out? Do more stairs, more running, more walking, more moving. Want to get strong enough to not be exhausted when carrying in the groceries? Practice lifting stuff! The Engine Room, a fitness facility in Oman has put together some helpful videos on functional and effective exercises that can help you achieve your goals.

Keep up to date with the Engine Room for awesome tips and training inspiration

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