Juice Cleanse Lessons

Two weeks ago I did my first Juice Cleanse, courtesy of Pressed Juice Co. It was great. But it was also terrible and heartbreaking. I felt like I had accidentally broken up with food, the way Angela and Hodgens broke up in Bones… It was a mistake. But it was a hugely rewarding mistake that taught me a lot about my food and myself and my dynamic relationship with it. Below are my hazy thoughts on the cleanse that I had on the day. I didn’t have many, my mind was rather pre-occupied with getting through the day without cheating.

  1. You don’t have to eat all the time. Break the habit
  2. Food is about nutrition too.
  3. I’ve learnt to appreciate my food more.
Not included: Pressed Red, which was waiting patiently at home for me as my “dinner”

Pressed Juice Co. has a great way of presenting the cleanse to you, with lots of information and step by step guidance through your day. They make it look fun, they make it sound easy. It’s the very least they could do, though, to ensure that you aren’t completely put off by the idea. Read my review of Pressed Juice Co. here.

* * *

I started with a 1 day cleanse. That was my intention since I heard about the prospect of doing a juice cleanse. If you don’t already know, I love my food, and I obsess about it all day. This was one of my main motivations for doing the cleanse. Sam from Bliss Juicery suggested a regular 1-Day cleanse as a way of breaking habits after a period where you have just been eating junk. This sounded perfect for me. I have this habit of, once I start seeing results, I sort of tend to give up. “Oh, I’m doing so well, I deserve a treat!”

[This is interesting because of how different people respond to results. A friend of mine, contrarily, starts to get results and is motivated to not eat junk, “I’m doing so well, why would I want to mess it up?”]

And I absolutely achieved my goal of doing this. I did my cleanse on the Monday, and by the Tuesday I had a renewed sense of enthusiasm for healthy eating! I was all inspired to include more foods that contained all these wonderful nutrients, because your body actually does, in fact, function better with it. Herbalife is a great solution for getting your nutrition, but it’s not the only option, and I decided I needed to balance out the benefits of Herbalife with whole foods that I enjoy preparing and eating and keeping extremely varied.

I was starving, but it was mostly in my head. You get to have a juice so frequently, you don’t have much time to fret about long periods between “meals”. Also, some of the juices took so long to get down, that it was practically time for the next juice by the time I had finished…

I didn’t get any detoxing headaches or anything like that, but by the end of the evening I ended up in tears, all emotional about the most ridiculous thing that I can’t even remember. Hence the term “Hangry” (= hungry + angry) would be appropriate here. Or maybe “Sangry” (= sad + hungry)… Doesn’t work? Oh well, at least I have food now!

I struggled with getting in enough water on the day. I think I got just over 1 litre, because you just feel like you are drinking all the time! I also chose to do my cleanse on one of the coldest days of winter, so my dinner of beetroot juice had barely defrosted and did not help me warm up after a cold drive home in the evening. That was the only one that I didn’t finish because it was just a golf ball hunk of ice, and I was just over it. I went to bed rather…

So overall it was hugely beneficial. I am interested in doing a 3-Day cleanse, but that could just be the masochist in me! One of the big challenges is also coordinating the cleanse around exercise: you can’t really do heavy exercise (I was exceptionally hungry, and I believe it was because I did try to train on the day, even though it was really light), so if you train every day, or don’t want the effects to carry over on to your weekend training, it takes some planning and prioritizing.

It certainly broke my food obsession a bit, so we shall see how long that lasts! The juices were, for the most part, delicious, particularly the nut milk (obviously). I would recommend it, but only if you are going to stick to it. There isn’t really a point if you’re going to suffer through the day only to have a big dinner in the evening. Commit and you will get the benefit. If you don’t commit, you won’t get the effects and any suffering will be for nothing.

If you do give it a try, drop a comment to let me know how it went. We all need some encouragement for our personal health challenges.

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