(Un) Realistic Goals?

People keep telling us to set realistic goals. “Each person’s body is different.”

Hey, I have goals, I have aspirations, and I have them because I like them and they motivate me. I, personally, am quite a fan of the controversial thigh gap. I remember when I was about 16 and my skinny friend was complaining about how her thighs now touch, when they never used to! I didn’t even know what that meant! Thanks to Tumblr, I have been somewhat “educated” (Tumblr is a great educational resource of course), and I now appreciate the “beauty” of the thigh gap. Granted it can look a bit odd, like most body features if you over-think them, but to me, the thigh gap is aesthetically pleasing, and leave me alone if that’s what I am aiming for! Also, thigh gaps are not too common with strong and toned legs (try Google), so here I am trying to find the balance between the two.

Goal: slim, strong legs. Someone once told me I would never have a thigh gap. Excuse me while I try prove them wrong.

I’ve also been told that I will always be a certain weight. And that “weight loss” is not important – the numbers on the scale don’t matter, and muscle weighs more than fat. While I agree with the premise on which this is based (where muscle is more dense than fat and a smaller volume of muscle weighs the same as a larger volume of fat), the numbers still mean something, and you should be allowed to have a goal weight in mind. I don’t only base my goals entirely around a number. Currently I loosely base my goals around a person who has relatable stats and looks incredible.

Meet Andreia Brazier: some incredible fitness model with fantastic credentials and a great social presence who happens to have similar stats to me. We are the same height, and her competition weight is my ultimate goal weight! So, while my UGW is perhaps a little unrealistic, what’s an extra 3kg off-season, which is still 5kg less than what I weigh now. And she is packed with lean and beautiful muscle! I think that these goals are suitable for me. The scale is a factor, but it is one of the many variables that I will be using to monitor and measure my progress.

At the end of the day, it’s about how I feel in my body. If I don’t reach those numbers, but I feel great within myself (I look great, feel confident, feel healthy and happy), then I will be satisfied. In the meantime, it is just a goal to keep me motivated, and what’s the harm in that?

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