Work Smart

I almost called this post “Just Kill Yourself”… Then I thought people might get the wrong message when they saw the title. You never know what may work as some kind of trigger for people. Maybe I just spend too much time on Tumblr…?

Still, this phrase was said to me by a trainer today, and still it could be perceived the wrong way. Exercising folk are weird! I know I can be guilty of this occasionally as well, but I am working on it. My point is: you don’t need to kill yourself to have an effective workout!

Personally, I love a really challenging workout, I love to sweat until I am drenched, because only then do I feel like I have worked out effectively. This isn’t always true though. And just because I burned a lot of calories in that session, doesn’t necessarily mean that I achieved my goal for the day.

Some days you need a killer workout – it’s good for many of your body systems, it’s good for strength, I’d say it’s hugely beneficial mentally… but only if you enjoyed it – if you didn’t, then it may actually be detrimental to your attitude towards training, and that really doesn’t help you achieve your health and fitness goals!

Try as much as possible to work towards your goals in each session, but so long as you’re moving and doing something you enjoy, you will benefit from it – though you may find you get stronger than actually burning fat. Find out how to achieve what you want to achieve (don’t exercise mindlessly) and work at it.

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