Overheard: Cross Training and Vegetarianism

So there was a guy this morning at the spinning class I went to who was… Showing off (for lack of a better discription) about how ripped and lean and mean he is going to be by November. While I didn’t particularly like his attitude, some of the things he was saying made sense.

I assumed he was some kind of cyclist, because he spoke about races coming up, and because he was in the spinning class. But he also spoke about the importance of cross training, which I completely agree with.


Cross training involves doing a different type of training to your normal discipline: if you’re a cyclist, get running, if you’re a runner, start weight training, if you’re a boxer, try swimming. You know, once a week, every now and then, that sort of thing. It stresses your cardiovascular system in a different way, which leads to improved fitness. Using your muscles in a different way also encourages them to adapt in different ways, to get stronger, because they are not necessarily used to that type of training.

He also spoke about how he eats an 80% vegetarian diet, which has helped him become “ripped and lean” (and lost 22kg of fat). I will go into some details on a vegetarian diet some other time, but know that if you do it right, results can be great! So long as you don’t limit yourself to only bread and pasta: that’s a major no-no!

I love listening to people talking in the gym. Everyone has a different opinion on how to get results, but at the end of the day, different things work for different people. Take all the information you get with a pinch of salt, and see what works for you. Personally, I had a great spinning class, I love to work really hard, but if you need a light cardio and stretching session, so long as it gets you moving, just get it done!

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