My biggest problem with being healthy is maintaining moderation. I seem to have this fear that I will starve if I don’t always have food with me, or if I don’t stock up on the food that’s on offer in the moment. This week I was on a course that was fully paid and catered for. When I say catered for, there was breakfast (with tea and biscuits), mid-morning tea (of all sorts of pastry), buffet lunch (including at least 4 desserts), and afternoon tea (more pastry/chocolate fountain, etc.). I have this problem as well, as a food-appreciatist (coining my own word), that I absolutely HAVE to try everything that’s on offer. And if it’s good, well that’s just tickets for me and I really struggle to say “No”, or “enough is enough”…

So this week was a major pig out week. I am going to try and rectify it a bit over the weekend, convince myself to go for a cycle in the morning (94.7 is coming soon!), and I have a 10km road run race on Sunday (also probably freezing!) so exercise for the weekend is sorted.

On Monday I am attempting to do my first Juice Cleanse. I’m easing into the idea with a 1-day Cleanse from Pressed Juice Co. Sam, from Bliss Juicery, said that one day cleanses are helpful to give your digestive system a break (useful after all this food I’ve been throwing it’s way) and because it’s a good way to break your eating habits. I’m hoping it’s an opportunity to become more intuitive and plan my meal times more strictly.

I need to break my food habits, my food obsessions, my fear of starving and my opportunistic eating. It’s a good thing to let go every once in a while (for a healthy lifestyle; for other kinds of lifestyles like sports or fitness modelling/comps the story may be different), but you need to do it within reason. I think I ate the equivalent of a whole roll of puff pastry this week. And maybe a block of butter on top of that.

I didn’t lose my mind completely this week though: in the evenings I kept my dinners light, a shake on the one night, a soup on the other – I really didn’t need more than that. I exercised on one of the mornings, but I also took the opportunity to rest a bit (after all, it was the first opportunity in a while that I had had to sleep in!). Take advantage of time to rest. Enjoy the foods that make you happy.

But always remind yourself of your goals, and make sure you implement a healthy-living plan that works for you. But you definitely need some kind of plan!

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