Exercise Week in Review #1

Monday: Leg Day

  • Warm up: VO2max test (12 minutes)
  • 3x Circuit 1: 12x 45kg Squats, 20x pulse lunges, 12x leg extension, 12x leg curl
  • 3x Circuit 2: 12x 35kg straight leg dead lifts, 10x 70cm box jumps

Tuesday: 60 minutes Upper Body + 60 minutes lunchtime yoga

  • Warm up: 10 minutes top cycle (arm ergometer)
  • Circuit 1: 10-12x 30kg Lat pull down, 15x dumbbell squat-curl-press (6kg, 7kg, 8kg, 9kg)
  • Circuit 2: 12x 14kg Bench press, 12x 12kg single arm rows, 10x burpees
  • Core: crunch, crunch w/ twist, reverse crunch, single leg glute bridge, oblique v-ups, bicycle crunches
  • Fun & games – I got halfway through level 3 before I died


  • Quick Cardio: 10 minutes Synchro/elliptical/cross trainer

Wednesdsay: 45 minutes SPINNING!

Thursday: Upper Body/Cardio/Core (things I didn’t train on Tuesday) + 60 minutes lunchtime yoga

  • 10 minutes Synchro/Elliptical/crosstrainer
  • 3x Circuit 1: 15x 6kg dumbbell Bicep curls to shoulder press, 15x tricep dips (feet elevated) on a bench, 2x10x step up jumps
  • Core 1: 15x Crunches with 6kg dumbbell, 15x situps to shoulder press with 6kg dumbbell
  • 5 minutes Skipping
  • Core 2: 2x15x Alternating V-ups, attempt at the plank challenge above (level 3!!!)
  • 10x Box jumps
  • Core 3: 40x Russian twists with 6kg dumbbell, 40x bicycle crunches
  • 10x Box Jumps
  • Core 4: 10s plank, 10x right arm plank ups, 10s high plank, 10x left arm plank ups
  • 10x Box Jumps

Friday: 45 minutes Spinning class

Saturday: 45 minutes cardio-abs session

  • 15 minutes treadmill: 1 minute interval sprints (9.5km/h-13km/hr)
  • 20x Medicine ball Russian Twists
  • 20x Medicine ball (held in knees) double crunch
  • 15x Weight bag glute bridge, 2x 15x single leg weight bag glute bridge, 15x weight bag glute bridge
  • 15x push ups on medicine ball
  • 15x 10kg squat-curl-shoulder press (easy bar)
  • 10 minutes/2km rowing

Sunday: 13.5km Spur Winter Trail Series – 1:18:11

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