Cereal is My Downfall

Oh, and chocolate. Ok, maybe I just struggle with food.

Then again, the cereal on offer this morning was chocolate Coco Pops, so who even knows what the biggest draw card in that dilemma was! And when I say morning, it’s a complete figure of speech.

I once ate a whole box of cereal for dinner. It started out as “just one bowl” (as these things do), and next thing I knew, I was throwing the empty box away. For me, it’s just so addictive, so more-ish, that I shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near it (it shouldn’t come anywhere near me either, if it knows what’s good for it…).

Cereal is the staple of many people’s breakfast. While I commend and support their decision to not skip that oh-so-important first meal of the day, cereals generally are not the best choice. They are simple carbs with a high glycaemic index that results in a sugar spike, followed by a sugar crash, followed by hunger which requires additional food input. Like more cereal perhaps? They are generally packed full of sugar to make them taste as amazing as they do (yet still some people think it’s necessary to add an extra table spoon or two!), and while they can be high in fibre (which is a great thing), they are low in protein, and don’t provide much in the way of nutrition.

My solution? Commit to never buying the processed flakes and nuggets and spoon-things again, then binge on whatever is left in the house until it is no longer there to tempt you.

Please note: just because it is my solution, doesn’t mean it is the best one. A preferable solution would be to have a small bowl in the morning before an exercise session, putting that energy to good use, until eventually the bad cereal is out of the house.

Alternative breakfast options include eggs (boiled, poached, scrambled, fried in a healthy way), natural peanut butters (perhaps on a slice of low GI seed loaf – I love the Woolies one), a smoothie, or a Healthy Breakfast the Herbalife way.

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