Seeking Motivation

Many people’s excuses for not exercising is not being able to find the time: they get home too late, or they would have to leave home too early in order to miss the traffic.

The gym is offered as part of a corporate wellness program: it is literally inside the office building, and it is extremely convenient. Drive in early, skip the traffic, switch your brain on in the spinning class, and then it’s a mere 5 minutes walk to your desk. And still, people make excuses not to train. I completely get it!

I work in a gym. I was so excited when I was offered the job because how convenient is it that I don’t even have to go anywhere to exercise! Yet here I am, with the facilities not even a stone’s throw away, yet I am struggling to motivate myself to go train…

I had a client ask me advice because she is paying for her gym membership, but because she is travelling a lot, she is not finding the time to get to the gym – even though she does still come to this building pretty regularly. My advice to her was this: find something you love, and you will find the motivation to do it.

When you sign up for a gym membership, part of your reasoning behind it is because people tell you it is good for you. You know that it works for other people, you know that it is important to exercise in order to be healthy, and you want to be healthy because healthy feels good (take my advice on that if you haven’t experienced it first hand…)!

I’ll save the whole list of benefits of exercise in the workplace for another post. In the meantime, make time for yourself every day to get moving: you will feel accomplished and productive.

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